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To connect you with people nearby who share your interests.

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Discover those who get excited about the same things you do.

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Make new friends, even in unfamiliar towns and cities! Your next life-changing adventure is closer than you think.

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From local events to the best hike nearby, hangout with people you vibe with.

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Make new connections wherever you go. No more group chats, just your people, always by your side.




Connect with those who truly get you. Share your passions, and discover a genuine community close to you.

Powerful Tribes

Dive deep into global communities that lead to local connection.

Whether you're exploring broad interests or seeking exclusive circles, there's a tribe waiting for you.

Open Tribes

A space to meet, share, and grow around common passions.

Closed Tribes

Members are handpicked, ensuring an exclusive community.

Secret Tribes

Hidden from others, these tribes offer a special space for private passions.

Premium Tribes

Monetizable tribes with enhanced functionalities, set to provide premium member experiences.

What people say

"I took up cycling during the lockdown and wanted to find local routes. I stumbled upon a community of cyclists. Our weekend rides exploring trails and sharing experiences have become the highlight of my week."

"It’s awesome that you can find people of your interest and have friends from all over the world. No other app can make you connect about specific things like board games and so on. Recommended"

"Met some awesome board game enthusiasts just two blocks away.

Had no idea my neighbors shared my passion. Game nights have never been better!"

"Been searching for local guitar enthusiasts. Found them on Tribefy and we've jammed every week since."

"Being a single parent in a new city can be daunting. Tribefy became my bridge to other single parents nearby. During playdates we share experiences, advice, and sometimes just a cup of coffee. It's the support system I never knew I needed."

"This app is more than just connections. It's about real experiences. Joined a film club and it's been a blast."

"Been searching for local startups and entrepreneurs. Tribefy connected me to the right crowd. Collaboration has never been easier."

"Moving to a new city for my job was a whirlwind. I missed my old gaming nights with friends. Tribefy was a game-changer. I found a local group of board game enthusiasts, and now our evenings are filled with strategy, laughter, and new friendships."

"Just moved and felt lost. Joined a local yoga group through Tribefy and it's been wonderful. Truly a lifesaver!"

"Tribefy helped me discover a poetry club in my area. Such a refreshing way to meet genuine people."

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