Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you store my location history?
    No, we only store your current location so that the app can present you with nearby results.
  2. Can people find my location?
    No, tribefy does not share your location with any users. In addition, distances shown are only approximated and not actual (with the exception of your friends on the platform). For additional privacy, you can adjust the minimum distance to show based on if a user is:

    ● your friend
    ● a friend of your friend
    ● in one of your closed networks
    ● in one of your open networks

    You can also completely hide your distance to users on the platform who are not connected to you through friends or networks.To change these settings, simply visit Settings => Location.
  3. How can I see what information a user can see on my profile?
    You can use the "View As" feature to see what your profile will look like to other users. Go to Settings --> Account.
  4. Are you sending or receiving data from any of my social networks?
    Tribefy has no integration with other social networks and we do not send your data to third parties.
  5. Why don't you integrate with social networks so I can add my friends list?
    Tribefy doesn't want users importing large friends' lists into the platform.We would prefer that you specifically pick friends and networks that are relevant to you today. This ensures that the connections between users are stronger and more meaningful resulting in a better experience for all.
  6. Why can I join any number of closed networks, but only 25 open networks?
    By limiting the amount of open networks a user can join, the fact that a user is in a network shows that they strongly associate and identify with that network. This also incentivizes closed networks where members can control membership.